Frequent questions

Yes, to rent at Reggi we require a minimum of 3 years of driving experience. 

National identity document or passport, valid driving license and, if necessary, an international driver's license in addition to the original.

There is no fully comprehensive insurance for scooter, but at Reggi we can offer you our additional Relax coverage. More information when booking.

This 2023, we have a new spot. Find us at Sor Agueda, 5. We are waiting for you!

We will surely find a solution. Just ask us.

The price of the reservation includes the cost of the rental and the basic insurance for third parties and civil liability and all the extras established in the rate.

If you make the reservation online, you can pay by card or transfer. If, on the other hand, you want to pay the reservation in cash upon collection, you must pay a deposit and leave a card as a guarantee.

Of course! At Motos Reggi we adapt to you. We only ask that you do not move more than 10km away from the initially agreed point and that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. This change may be subject to displacement fees.

You can reserve more than one motorcycle without problem, but at the time of signing the rental we will require a different ID for each contract.

Write us to or call us tol 680 916 854!

No, if you decide to terminate the contract earlier than expected, Motos Reggi reserves the right not to refund the difference.

Yes, in the case of 125cc the requested deposit is € 150 and in the case of motorcycles with a higher cc, the deposit is € 300.

Call us at 680 916 854! If we have vehicles and your contract has ended without incident, we will do everything possible to extend it.

As long as you cancel your reservation before 5 days, no charges will be applied or 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. If, on the other hand, you decide to cancel in the 4 days prior to your reservation, the exposed charges will apply:

4 Days before the Reservation: Refund of 80%
3 Days before the Reservation: Refund of 60%
2 Days before the Reservation: Refund of 0%
1 Day before the Reservation: Refund of 0%

Rate Full – Empty: We deliver the motorcycle with a full tank. Return it however you want!

125cc – 10€
Mayor Cc – 25€

Presenting the proper documentation at the time of signing the contract is no problem.

Breathe, calm down and call us at 680 916 854! We will see how it can be solved.

Calling the local Police if you are in town or the Civil Guard if you are on the road. Later you inform us of the situation and if we should go to the accident area.

As long as the breakdown or accident does not derive from misuse or an accident due to drunkenness or drugs and depending on the availability we have, we will be happy to provide you with a motorcycle as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, we do not have motorcycles, we will try to solve it by collaborating with another company or we will proceed to refund the difference.

We're sorry. We try to be as clear as possible about the experience, precisely so as not to find this type of situation. Even having reserved and paid 100% of the reservation, if at the time of delivery the representative of Motos Reggi perceives inexperience with the license or driving, the motorcycle will not be delivered and the reservation will not be returned.

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